Breaking Ipswich Martlesham

A 16-year-old boy has been given a 29-year sentence for attempted murder, after he shot another teenage boy in the face in Kesgrave last year

Jacob Talbot-Lummis of Carol Avenue, Martlesham, appeared at Ipswich Crown Court today, Monday 1 November, where he was sentenced to 24 years’ detention, with an extended licence period of five years.
He had pleaded guilty to the possession of a firearm with intent to cause fear of violence but denied the other offences.
Talbot-Lummis – who was also aged 15 at the time of the incident – had driven to Friend’s Walk in his father’s car and laid in wait for around an hour before confronting the victim on his usual route to school. He then shot him in the face with a double-barrelled shotgun which he had taken from his grandfather’s house.
After the shooting, Talbot-Lummis then stood over the victim with witnesses describing him as being calm. He then pointed the gun at a man in neighbouring house who looked out of his window after hearing the gunshot.
Talbot-Lummis then got into the car and drove away from the scene, before being located and arrested by armed police in Westwood Avenue, Ipswich, later that morning at 10.55am. The shotgun was found in the back of the car.
The victim sustained a significant injury to his face and his condition was initially life-threatening. He suffered a stroke after being taken to hospital, which left him partially paralysed and with some brain damage. He continues to receive treatment for lifelong injuries.
Talbot-Lummis claimed he had been subjected to some bullying by the victim and that he had only meant to scare him.
He said his plan was to get the victim into the car and then drive him to Rendlesham Forest and shoot past him to scare him, but this version of events was rejected by the court.
The police investigation found that Talbot-Lummis had been planning the attack for nearly a year and he had made comments to a friend about wanting to get a gun and shoot someone, which the friend dismissed as fantasy.