Breaking LONDON Wandsworth

A 69-year-old protester has mounted a crane at a Nine Elms building site and unfurled a Palestinian flag as police try to talk him down

The Met Police   are attempting to speak to the man after he climbed roughly 200 metres to the top of the crane between  Battersea Power Station and the  Sky Pool at just before 4am this morning (Tuesday, June 15).
The crane is based at One Nine Elms, a £1billion project which will build a 200 metre luxury skyscraper.
Officers trying to make contact with him have not been able to do. He is apparently planning to continue the protest overlooking Vauxhall Bridge ‘for days’, according to a member of the public at the scene.
A pro-Palestinian activist tweeted that the protester was 69 years old with ‘no safety net’ in a ‘death-defying, daredevil act of solidarity for Palestine’.
A Met spokesman said: “Our priority is the man’s safety and officers are attempting to speak to him. As yet, he has not engaged with any of the officers on the ground.”
Police remain at the scene and the LFB and the LAS  been made aware of the ongoing incident.
The roads surrounding Nine Elms Lane have been closed and disruption is expected in the area.
Drivers have been urged to find an alternative route.