Breaking Cheshire Langley Moor

A burglar who entered a man’s bedroom while he slept has been jailed for over two years

Warren Anthony Kennick, of Front Street, Shotton Colliery, forced entry to his victim’s Langley Moor home by smashing through a glass door in the early hours of Wednesday, September 23, last year.

Once inside, he made his way upstairs to a rear bedroom where the tenant was sleeping.

The victim described waking to see a figure standing in the doorway with a lighter in his hand.

Fearing he would be hurt, the man escaped via his bedroom window, leaving Kennick alone in the property.

35-year-old Kennick was identified by forensic analysis of the home and of items he had left behind, and was charged with burglary.

Appearing at Durham Crown Court last week, Kennick was sentenced to 27 months imprisonment.

Detective Sergeant Sarah Hindmarsh said: “The victim was left understandably shaken by this incident, and is extremely happy to see justice served against the intruder.

“Residents should be able to feel safe in their own homes, and I hope this result assures the community that we will not tolerate home invasions in our area.”