Breaking Chandler’s Ford Hampshire

A community have been left angered and disgusted after a number of hedgehogs were found dead after having been tortured and killed at the Hiltingbury Sports field in Chandlers Ford overnight

Reports were made to the sports facility by concerned members of the public after a number of hedgehogs were found dead.
It is clearly evident that the hedgehogs have suffered a painful and inhumane death as a result.
Hampshire Hedgehog Rescue Centre said;
“It is utterly tragic and criminal for anyone to treat any animal in such an appalling manner, but to defenceless hedgehogs who’s numbers have rapidly declined and we are fighting to help is even worse.
We are at a time now when hedgehogs are emerging from hibernation and have used up excess fat reserves so are desperate to find food and water. To think people have done such a thing is horrifying but for pleasure is disgusting!”
Hiltingbury sports said;
“Sadly we’ve had some reports of these lovely hedgehogs being beaten and kicked up on our field. It has resulted in some distress from locals who discovered the dead hedgehogs.
Our groundsmen have been up here to clear up but it’s incredibly sad to think that people could treat these animals in such a way.
Please treat the wildlife with respect, we all share this great woodland area together.”
Anyone with any information should contact Hampshire police on 101.