Breaking Chatham Kent

A drug dealer who used a Chatham home as a base to supply heroin and crack cocaine has been jailed for four years and nine months

Jordan Rowe coerced two vulnerable people into allowing him to use their property as a place to store class A substances – a practice known as cuckooing.

The 27-year-old, formerly of Leander Road, Thornton Heath, London, was found inside the address by Kent Police officers. He admitted possessing both drugs with intent to supply, offences which were committed while he was the subject of a suspended sentence.

He was sentenced at Maidstone Crown Court on Thursday 18 November 2021.

Rowe attended the victims’ home, without invitation, on the morning of Friday 17 July 2020 and forced his way inside.

He then ordered a man to supply drugs on his behalf, and threatened to assault a woman if his bidding was not done.

Rowe, who also went by the name of ‘Milo,’ then remained at the address for the rest of the day and provided the man with drugs which he had to deliver to customers.

The woman was not physically harmed, and Rowe left at the end of the day to attend a party in London.

Return to the address
Three days later he returned to the victims and made similar threats.

On this occasion the male victim came to the attention of three plain-clothed Kent Police officers in the Maida Road area.

They subsequently attended his address and located Rowe in the living room. He immediately threw a bag of drugs behind a television in a failed attempt to hide them. Inside the bag was 60 wraps of heroin and crack cocaine.

A further quantity of crack was found inside a different bag and a search of Rowe’s pockets led to more heroin being recovered.

Knives, equipment used to supply drugs and a mobile phone, which was constantly ringing, were also found on a table.

A Kent Police officer answered the handset and heard a woman’s voice asking for quantities of heroin and crack cocaine.

Rowe was taken into custody at Medway Police Station and charged with the offences the next day. He has been held on remand since.

While at the station, he intentionally threw a cup of water at a designated detention officer and told them it contained his urine. He received an additional three-month sentence for the offence, which he admitted, and the term will be served concurrently.

Parasitic offending
Detective Constable John Carless, from Kent Police’s County Lines and Gangs Team, said: ‘Rowe has shown himself to be a parasitic offender who was prepared to inflict misery on vulnerable people so he could make money.

‘His offending was deliberate, calculated and cruel – there is no place in society for any individual who considers it acceptable to exploit people in this manner.

‘He is a considerable danger to our communities, and I am pleased that a strong custodial sentence has been enforced.’