Breaking LONDON St Helier Sutton

A man has been rushed to hospital  after being  treated for a stab wound in St Helier, Sutton


The man was attacked on Wrythe Lane St Helier, Sutton

 Emergency services were called at around 10pm on Tuesday evening. 


A man was treated by paramedics and then rushed to a nearby trauma centre following the stabbing attack near to the Rose Hill roundabout.


The Man’s clothing medical equipment and the man trainers can be seen within the crime scene that has been established by officers who first attended.


One shocked neighbour said that Three Ambulances and a rapid response vehicle could be seen treating the man. 

The bystander went on to say the woman was taken away by Police in the back of a Police car. It is currently unclear if the woman has been arrested. As Well




The full details of the nature of the incident have yet to be released. 

The Met Police have been approached for comment