Alderbury Breaking Wiltshire

A man who defrauded a friend of nearly one-thousand pounds after he’d died has been sentenced

At Salisbury Crown Court, Patrick Egerton, aged 25, from Spiders Island, Alderbury, was sentenced to 14-weeks in prison, suspended for 18-months.  He’d pleaded guilty to two counts of fraud by false representation at an earlier hearing in March 2021. 

During Police investigations, Egerton claimed he had developed a friendship with a Salisbury man in his 20s who had sadly passed away in November 2018. 

In January 2019, family members of the deceased went to close his bank account only to find that its complete contents of £960 had been transferred, in two transactions, to an account held by Egerton.  The family became suspicious of why this had happened and contacted the police. 

Egerton claimed that this was money rightly owed to him after he had loaned the amount to his friend before he died. 

Following yesterday’s sentencing, Det Con Roxanne Whitton said:  “Throughout the investigation, Egerton continually denied his involvement and made false claims that his friend and family had willingly given him the money which was owed to him. 
“His untrue claims resulted in this case being drawn out longer than necessary which made it extremely painful for the victim’s family who was unable to grieve in peace during this time. 
“I hope now that Egerton has admitted to carrying out the fraud and has been punished, the family can, at last, have some closure and grieve properly.” 

As part of his sentencing, Egterton is also required to carry out 100 hours voluntary work and undertake 50 days of a rehabilitation course.