Breaking Cardigan Wales

A man who stabbed his victim in the back seven times in a brutal attack has been jailed for life for his murder

Ashley Keegan will serve a minimum of 20 years for the murder of 37-year-old John Bell in Cardigan on July 21 this year.
The 22-year-old had been drinking outside his home in Golwg y Castell on the afternoon and evening of July 20.
As the day went on, his behaviour became more erratic, including becoming abusive to Mr Bell and his friend Daniel Saunders, when they arrived at the home of his neighbour, Daniel’s mother, Amanda Simpson.
At around 23,40 Daniel was taken out and put in a taxi my Amanda, when Keegan once again became abusive.
The taxi pulled off and during the argument that followed Amanda was pushed to the floor.
Keegan then turned on Mr Bell, approaching him and throwing multiple punches to his head.
Mr Bell, the court heard, did not retaliate, instead of holding his hands up by his chest trying to calm things down, or his arms up protecting his head and face and moving backwards.
Mr Bell then walked off down the hill.
Instead of leaving him walk away, Keegan was then seen walking to his driveway and picking up a large kitchen knife, before going after his victim.
He approached him from behind, raised his hand high and stabbed Mr Bell repeatedly.
At no point did he turn around – no defensive wounds were found – and instead he walked away from the street.
Keegan was then seen to throw the knife away, before heading to his home, where he told his partner Chloe Phillips: “I’ve stabbed him”.
Just before midnight, police received several reports of both the incident witnessed on Golwg y Castell and of member of the public who had seen John Bell, injured and bleeding on Cardigan Bridge.
Police attended Castle Street and located Mr Bell seriously injured in a side street adjacent to Fusion restaurant.
Despite efforts to save him, he died at the scene.
A post-mortem examination revealed seven stab wounds to Mr Bell’s back, which resulted in him losing a significant amount of blood.