Breaking Notingham

A man who travels round on a boat deterring children from a life of crime has pleaded guilty to robbing a bike from a 16-year-old boy

Tiggz Dat Author, who was previously known as Stephen Bullock and is known to many as ‘yellow boat man’, threatened his young victim before stealing an electric bike belonging to the boy’s grandfather.
The 34-year-old has been travelling from Nottingham to Derby in an attempt to encourage children away from crime and to keep their lives on track.
However, on October 19, 2019, he stopped his teenage victim outside a shop in Aspley, Nottingham, before shouting ‘do you want me to bang you in your face’ and stealing his bike, Nottingham Crown Court heard.
He was handed a suspended prison sentence on Tuesday despite being told to expect a jail term.
Nottingham Crown Court heard the teenage boy was riding on an electrical bicycle towards his grandfather’s address to return it to him.
After stopping outside a shop, he was approached by Tiggz Dat Author who claimed it was his bicycle, the court heard.
Stuart Pattinson, prosecuting, said: ‘He shouted “do you want me to bang you in your face?”
‘The shop had CCTV inside which captured the incident unfold.’
When Tiggz Dat Author, of no fixed address, was shown the footage in court, he told the judge: ‘Looking back on it, I could have done things a lot differently.
‘I apologise for that.’
In a victim impact statement, the boy said he required counselling following the incident.
He said: ‘I’ve become really depressed after what happened.
‘I have got some professional help because of it. I now feel very scared when out in public, I don’t like going out on my own – I don’t even like going out on my bike anymore.
‘I was a confident person before all of this happened, I now feel like my confidence has taken a real knock.’