Breaking Hampshire M3 Winchester

A mother who’s car burst into flames on the M3 Motorway appeals for publics help to find heroes who stopped and helped

Rosie Howell was travelling with her children on board on the M3 between junctions 5 and 6 when her vehicle caught fire.
Members of the public stepped in to help them escape the fire, they also providing reassurance to the family before the arrival of the emergency services
Rosie is seeking to find those who helped her and she is desperate to find 5 people in particular.
The mum of one said “I need to find the people who helped me this morning on the M3 motorway after by car burst into falmes”:
The man who came to my rescue when I was trying to get my kids out safely and away from the car 
The man who let us sit in his van
The ambulance driver (named James) who sat with us and entertained my James for me
Richard and his daughter who let us sit in their car for over an hour and even took us home!!!
If you attended to the family or provided assistance please get in touch,