Breaking Huddersfield West yorkshire

A mum claims her 14-year-old son received a death threat in a petty row over a haircut in the days before he was found dead in a field

Jamie Marshall died in the Crosland Moor area of Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, in September last year.
His mum Anne has now spoken for the first time – claiming Jamie’s death followed a row over his haircut and its similarity to another pupil’s.
She has now launched a blog to connect with other grieving parents and is warning people about the effects of sending threatening messages over social media – which she believes is the reason Jamie took his own life.
Anne, 36, said: “Jamie didn’t have mental health problems. This was because of one haircut he had similar to another kid.”
She said Jamie, a pupil at Newsome High School, was not bullied but received a threat to his life that he would be stabbed to death and the same would happen to the lives of his family this scared him “to death”.
Jamie took his own life as a result to this