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A Rotherham man has been found guilty of assaulting a police officer, leaving him with a broken nose and horrendous facial injuries

Adam Burgin, 29, of South Vale Drive, Thrybergh, has been on trial at Sheffield Crown Court for three days, following an assault on PC Dan Lumley which took place in September last year.

PC Lumley, a dog handler, was hospitalised with serious facial injuries after attending reports of a disturbance on Pingles Crescent, with his dog, PD Vinnie.

The initial 999 call into our control room stated that Burgin was damaging motor vehicles, threatening to kill members of his family, and was in possession of a baseball bat.

PC Lumley arrived on scene and while attempting to diffuse the situation and arrest Burgin, he was assaulted several times.


At one point, Burgin forced PC Lumley to the floor, used his weight against him and punched him in the face more than five times. PC Lumley suffered a broken nose, injuries to his left eye, and required ongoing treatment for loss of smell. The officer has also been left with permanent scarring to his face.

Burgin fled the scene. He was later arrested by officers at home and subsequently charged.  

After today’s verdict, PC Lumley said: “Following the incident I questioned why I joined the police force and if I wanted to continue with policing as a career.

“When you sign up to be a police officer you do so because you want to help the people in your community. You want them to be safe, and for them to feel protected.

“I have a family at home and I don’t go to work to be assaulted. Regardless of the circumstances, we don’t deserve to be treated in that way.”

PC Lumley added: “As I arrived on scene, the 999 caller and associates of Burgin were in distress from Burgin’s actions. I was trying to protect them and their property, and I ended up being seriously assaulted.

“Unfortunately police officers, as well as ambulance and fire colleagues face a very real chance of being assaulted at work; it is not part of the job and we do not tolerate it.

“I am pleased I am now in a positive place, and PD Vinnie and I have continued to work as a team. As public servants, these incidents have an effect on our wellbeing that should not be underestimated.”

Investigating Officer Emma Parsons added: “Police officers go above and beyond in their duties to protect people. Under no circumstances should they be the victim of an assault, whether that be physical or verbal.

“Yesterday the jury returned their verdict within less than 30 minutes and I think that highlights that fact that the attack on PC Lumley is not tolerated across our communities and overwhelming majority of people support the work of our officers.

“Judge Miss Recorder Betty indicated that she intends to hand out an immediate custodial sentence – I hope this and today’s verdict will act as a warning to others who think this kind of behaviour is acceptable.”

Burgin, who was convicted of Section 47 assault following the incident on 2 September 2020, will be sentenced next week (Tuesday 13 April) at Sheffield Crown Court.