Breaking Norfolk Swaffham

A Swaffham man who was given Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) in 2019 has had it extended


John Watson, 33 and of no fixed address, was given the three-year order in January 2019 after being convicted of drug possession as part of a policing operation targeting rural crime.

Watson has breached the order four times, resulting in officers from the Operational Partnership Team applying to the courts for a two-year extension, which was agreed by magistrates in Cambridge on Thursday (19 August 2021) along with a variation to the conditions.

The order had a number of conditions including not to enter a specified area in Breckland or to be found within 10 metres of any farm buildings or outbuildings.

Inspector Matt Howes said: “These orders are aimed at tackling persistent offenders with restrictions to deter them from committing a crime. We continue to proactively target all areas of crime, including rural offences deploying preventative measures and working with our partner agencies. If evidence is obtained or Watson is found in breach of the order by officers, the order gives us the power to arrest him.”

The CBO has three conditions, which state the defendant must not:

1.   enter the policing area of Breckland known as the B1 area as defined in the attached map except to attend the Splashes traveller site, Swaffham via the A47.

2.   associate with co-defendants from the original case outside of their respective home addresses

3.   enter or be found inside or within 10 metres of any farm buildings or farm outbuilding nor to enter or be found inside any other non-dwelling outbuilding except that owned by Mr John Watson or with the express prior written permission of the owner and to produce such written permission upon the demand of a police officer

The CBO will last until 8 August 2023.