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Air ambulance called to Sittingbourne Collision involving quad bike

Screenshot 2020 04 18 at 00.35.42
Screenshot 2020 04 18 at 00.35.42

A collision has closed Playstool Road, Newington, near Sittingbourne this evening


Emergency services including the Air ambulance has been called to the incident that happened just before 11pm on Friday evening. 


The road remains closed and a 26 year old  local man has been rushed to hospital with a head injuries after the quad bike he was riding was involved in a collision. Medical equipment and blankets litter the  residential road on the outskirts of Sittingbourne.


Serious collision investigators from Kent Police have been called to investigate the incident that is being overseen by officers from Kent Road Policing.



Officers are investigating if the quad collided with another vehicle prior to the collision. It is understood that CCTV from a nearby property may have captured the collison 


Pre-hospital care doctors  from the air ambulance cut the clothing from the man and  him before he was taken to hospital. It has not been confirmed if the man was airlifted.

One resident who asked not to be named said they heard a massive gridding of metal and smash than all the emergency services turned up. The guy look in a pretty bad was being worked on by the Paramedics and the doctors.  

Kent Police have been approached for comment 





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