Breaking Coventry West Midlands

An llegal kitten breeder and Scumtree pet peddle Coventry has been jailed and a lifetime ban

Monika Listos from #Holbrooks, #Coventry, West Midlands has been sentenced to 20 weeks in jail and a lifetime ban on keeping all animals after multiple litters of poorly, very young kittens were found in an empty property.
Listos a known associate of Lizzie Scarrott whose own illegal kitten breeding operation was exposed by BBC Watchdog in 2018 – would purchase kittens from online adverts before flogging them on Gumtree for a profit.
She was investigated by the RSPCA following 46 complaints about her actions from concerned members of the public.
Prospective buyers reported that kittens were being sold which were too young to be away from their mum and many were gravely ill.
Animal welfare inspectors attended the address where the kittens were being sold from on Lillington Road, Wood End, on April 27, 2019.
Numerous kittens could be seen in the barely furnished living room including one which was very small and was not moving.
Inside there were 18 kittens – believed to be in three separate litters – who were living in poor conditions.
The pets were taken to a nearby vets who found them to be in a suffering state.
Sadly, the smallest kitten found at the address died overnight while in veterinary care.
Some of the other kittens were found to be aged four and five weeks old – which is too young to be away from their mum.
Twelve of the 18 were found to be suffering from feline parvovirus and also died.
The other six were rehabilitated and re-homed through the RSPCA’s Coventry and District Branch.
Listos, who pleaded guilty, was also ordered to pay just over £10,000 in costs and charges. Aside from peddling pets, she also operates a ragdoll kitten breeding business.