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Are you going to Victorious Festival on Southsea Common this weekend?

Officers want to ensure the event is safe and runs smoothly, and that means reducing crime were possible.

Most people going to a festival want to enjoy the music and soak up the atmosphere, but unfortunately, they can also be a prime target for thieves. 

  • Register your items with Immobilise for free before you go.
  • Keep any valuables with you at all times, ideally in a bumbag or money belt rather than in a rucksack or outside pockets. If you’re camping, take valuables to bed with you.
  • Try to avoid taking large sums of cash with you – use the machines on site or check in advance if traders will take card payments.
  • Consider getting insurance that covers losses at festivals for items which are expensive to replace.
  • Look out for your friends and stick together.
  • Don’t leave valuables on show in your car.
  • Be careful of the items you have on show when walking around.

Police will be supporting the event organisers who have a dedicated harm reduction plan to disrupt any illegal substances entering the site. There will be searches at the entry gates carried out by event security, along with drug detection dogs, plus extra welfare staff.
Our message remains the same, even just dabbling in controlled drugs and psychoactive substances can have catastrophic and fatal consequences. Therefore we will take robust action against those found to have drugs in their possession.
If you suspect someone is going to the festival who plans to supply drugs, call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

If you’re not sure of your journey home, plan now and visit

Should you wish to contact the event organisers about anything relating to the festival that it isn’t a crime, please email

Get advice on how to make sure your festival experience is a fun and safe one, visit for advice on staying safe at Victorious 2021, or

Visit for comprehensive travel options that explain how to get to and from the festival site.

Our neighbourhood officers will be on site throughout the event if you require assistance.

If you see anything or anyone suspicious, approach an officer without delay or call 101.