Breaking Essex

As more people return to the roads as Covid restrictions lift this week, Police in Essex are asking all road users to give themselves more time for travelling, prepare for their journey and to be considerate towards other drivers

Adam Pipe, Head of Roads Policing for Essex Police, said: “We saw 57 collisions over the last seven-day period, which left numerous people with injuries and sadly, resulted in one death. Nearly half of these happened over the weekend, causing massive disruption on two of our major roads.

“The roads are likely to be busier over the next few weeks and months. You may not have driven any significant distance over the last year and you may even feel a little nervous about being out and about again.

“If that is the case, please plan your journey, give yourself extra time, be considerate of other road users and make the right choices – don’t take risks.”

We would advise you to take the following precautions:
check the condition of your car as it may have been under-used in the last year – oil, fuel and tyres
make sure to take any medications out with you on long journeys
have some food and water with you in case you are out longer than expected
check your mirrors when driving and be aware of other vehicles – keep your distance and maintain any speed limit
don’t be distracted with mobile phones

“Speeding is a very real danger on our roads and is a concern for everyone. Please, if you drive carefully, you could prevent a tragedy from happening.”

Nicola Foster, Chairman of the Safer Essex Roads Partnership, said: “We are saddened to hear of all the recent tragedy on the road and we remain committed to aspiring for Vision Zero. Road deaths are simply unacceptable, and they are preventable.

“We must all work together to build what we call a ‘safe system’ in Essex. Humans make mistakes so we must allow for these by building layers of protection involving safe speeds, safe roads, safe vehicles and the best post-collision response.

“Zero is the only number of road deaths and serious injuries that we can accept in Essex.”

If you see or record any anti-social driving or dangerous driving on your dash cam, please contact us on 101 or via Extra Eyes at