Breaking Chatham Kent

Blind drunk driver narrowly escapes death after failed to stop hit and run in Chatham

A drunk covidiot involved in a failure to stop hit and run gets karma nearly costing him his life after making off


The driver who Police say has been arrested for various offences made off after the collision on City Way in Chatham on Friday night.


Blind drunk after making off at speed down Onslow Road the driver failed to see a bend in the road leading to a ravine. Losing control of the vehicle the driver then ploughed the vehicle through safety barriers narrowly missing a number of people wanting to catch a bus.


The silver ford came to rest on its roof. Police Paramedic and the Kent Fire and rescue service all attended and made the vehicle safe. 


A road closure remains in place on Delece Road and St Williams Way whilst Police carry out their investigation. One person has been arrested after failing a roadside breath test and remains in custody at this time.


Kent Police have been approached for comment