Breaking Dover Kent

Britain being taken for a ride for a second day running with estimated numbers of near 1300 and over 30 boats intercepted as Home office keep tight lipped over official figures

Over 30 boats were intercepted by Border Force after they launched from France yesterday pre-arranged as traffickers were warned about camp raids in advance we approached the home office for an official number and they advised they were still awaiting confirmation. One Border force said that number were in the 1,000 near to 1300. It is predicted that over 1200 made it across to England yesterday and had to be recovered rescued by eight lifeboats. The major operation that had been declared a critical ongoing incident involved a coastguard spotter plane that spent most of the day in the skies this was also supported by the Lydd Rescue helicopter 163 and a number of other border force vessels.


The migrant crisis appears to be getting worse by the day as traffickers were seen loading two huge 50ft dinghies on a French beach the French Police seen to arrive an hour after the vessel departed. The boats were loaded with up to 40 migrants each on a beach in northern France yesterday morning before being launched towards Britain.



People smuggling minders waded knee-deep into the sea to help the migrants clamber aboard. It is incredible that there was no sign of French police to stop the migrants or make arrests, but there were plenty of media to capture the moment. A few hours later the same dinghy was seen arriving on a Kent beach, with migrants fleeing as quickly as possible.


The French have made it clear that they are only involved on a half-hearted basis. Earlier in the week Nigel Farage found an abandoned jet-ski on a Kent beach. It is worrying that such brazen attempts can actually reach our shores undetected. Social media comments show huge frustration amongst the UK population.


People are saying it is humiliating with others asking how can they afford to come across in Jet-ski’s? With all the other issues affecting the government, this is just another reason for people to ask for change.




Sadly it will not come quick enough to stop the current flow of migrants.  Here are some of the arrivals captured in Dover and Dungeness on Tuesday. Over  300 Migrants were landed by Two lifeboats alone in Dungeness.

We await the right of reply from the Home office on yesterday crossing numbers.