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Depraved paedophile Harry Simmonds, known as Baby Harry due to his predilection for wearing nappies, is behind bars


He sent photos of himself wearing a nappy to a 16-year-old girl almost immediately after being barred from contacting her, the Isle-of-Wight Magistrates’ Court heard.

He has been remanded in custody at HMP Isle-of-Wight (Albany) until sentencing in October.

Simmonds, 22, who’s last address given to court was care of Harvey Close, East Cowes, admitted two counts of breaching a sexual risk order imposed in December 2020.

Charles Nightingale, prosecuting, said Simmonds breached the order by contacting a girl aged under 18 between 24th February and 1st March 2021.

He pleaded guilty to that offence in September, having already started communications with a second girl, who was 16.

He at first asked for her boyfriend’s contact details, but went on to send her pictures of himself in a nappy, with a sign saying he was a paedophile

The girl reported it to the police.

After his police interview he immediately messaged her again under a pseudonym.

One Snapchat message said, “I’m going to rape you”.

The court heard Simmonds had previously moved from the Island to Dorset, without informing his offender manager.

Mr Nightingale said, “The Crown says this person presents a current and ongoing risk to young persons and the Crown says there are persistent and deliberate breaches of the order.

“This caused concern, alarm and distress to this young woman.”

He said the matters fell outside the jurisdiction of the magistrates’ court. The magistrates agreed and sent the case up to the Island’s Crown Court for sentencing.