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Doncaster Sergeants save man from drowning

South Yorkshire Police received a call on Friday (6 August) at 1pm about a man that was struggling in the River Don.

It was reported he was face down and being swept along by the river after members of the public had been unable to retrive him.

Sergeant Michael Patton quickly attended the scene after coordinating a response with the fire and ambulance service.

Sergeant Hudson entered the river and managed to reach the 75-year-old, pulling him back to the riverbank to the ambulance service. The man is now recovering in hospital.

South Yorkshire Police said “We are proud of our officers every day, they put themselves in danger and never know what they are going to face.

“We know this is part of the job and they are trained to save lives, but sometimes our officers go above and beyond which is what happened when Sergeant Guss Hudson pulled a man to safety out of the river at Doncaster.”

Superintendent Neil Thomas said: “I have no doubt in my mind that Sergeant Hudson saved this man’s life. He thought nothing of his own safety as he entered the water to save the man.

“Often these incidents can have a different outcome, but with the bravery and quick thinking of both Sergeants I’m really pleased that this one has a good ending.”