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Eight-year-old cocker spaniel PD Eddietrack down a concealed loaded weapon

Screenshot 2020 07 15 at 16.50.56
Screenshot 2020 07 15 at 16.50.56

One of the Met’s four legged friends leaped into action on the afternoon of Monday, 13 July to help officers track down a concealed loaded weapon which is now safely off the streets.

Eight-year-old cocker spaniel PD Eddie and his handler, PC Emma Robling, rushed to Chelsea Gardens on Chelsea Bridge Road after officers found an amount of ammunition in a communal roof. 

This was following an intelligence-led operation by detectives in Operation Viper, part of Specialist Crime South, which suggested a deadly weapon was being stored in the area. 

Fearing a weapon could also be nearby, PD Eddie was deployed.

After some 15 minutes of searching, Eddie’s nose indicated a particular interest in a secluded area of the roof top. A quick search by his handler revealed the silver revolver, which was loaded and ready for use. 

Detectives will now continue their painstaking investigation to determine who concealed the firearm and the ammunition. Thanks to their efforts, and PD Eddie’s keen nose, a dangerous weapon is now off the streets. No arrests have been made at this time and the investigation continues. 

PD Eddie’s handler, PC Emma Robling, said: “Eddie is a wonderful dog to work with and I am thrilled he was able to track down this incredibly dangerous weapon. If it wasn’t for his nose, there is every chance it could still be hidden away. 

“We all have a vital role in fighting violent crime across the capital, including our police dogs. Every day, police dogs support frontline colleagues in tackling violence head on and yesterday’s seizure is extremely welcomed – well done Eddie!”