Breaking Kent Maidstone

Fifteen Armed Police called in to arrest man in midnight swop on Maidstone Park Wood Estate

Fifteen Armed officers from Kent Police were called upon to carry out the arrest of a man who was understood to have been armed and making threats.  


Police threw the Park Wood estate road into lockdown and surrounding roads were closed to the public as officers moved in with the support of a general-purpose Police dog and further assistants from the National airport support helicopter from above that had been called in from Essex.

Residents reported seeing multiple police cars and armed units in Chestnut Close at around midnight on Sunday morning. (25th April 2021).

Police moved in and a man was arrested and taken into custody.  Officers after a search carried out by the dog handler on the semi could be seen examining a high power non Police issue rifle that was checked and made safe.

The arrested   man was  handcuffed and put into a police car before being taken away to Maidstone Police station

Police remain at the property as their investigation continues.  Armed officers could be seen in a property-carrying out a search for bullets and weapons.


One  Park Wood resident, who lives near the scene who asked not to be named said there was a huge amount of  Police activity on the road shortly after midnight. He said: “All of the commotions woke me up, there was lots of police shouting.

There were loads of police officer and cars in the road, I’m pretty sure there were guns involved. The police also had a helicopter in the air while the raid was happening.


It was at a house in Chestnut close. I was told by a neighbour there were possibly drugs and a firearm was recovered. There were at least six police cars and one dog unit. 



Officers at the scene said:“At this time we are unable to comment owing to an ongoing investigation. We can confirm this was nothing to be concerned over and there is no risk to the public. We will update you further as soon as we can.”

The Kent Police have been approached for further comment on the incident