An area near to a railway  embankment caught fire requiring four fire engines and twenty five length of hose. 



It took fire crews sometime in running a fair amount of hose to tackle the blaze.


Firefighters were called at 7pm on Wednesday evening  to Stanhope Road near to the Ebbsfleet international rail gateway.

The call came following reports of a large fire near to the railway line that was spotted by a passenger traveling on a  train.

Network Rail Land Sheriffs security  attended to assist in give firefighters access to  tackle the blaze that requires 25 lengths of hose.


A spokesman for Kent Fire and Rescue Service said: “Four  crews  and two officers attended an areas of rail embankment alight  near to  the tracks in Swanscombe.


“One area approximately 20 meters in size was alight. Fire fighters used one hose  reel to put out the fire.”