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Good progress made overnight at Basildon Industrial blaze

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Good progress has been made this morning in tackling the fire, which is now under control. As fire bosses from Essex fire and rescue.

Four relief  crews will take over at the scene from 11.30am on Sunday.

At the Height of the blaze sixteen appliances and over 100 firefighters tackled the blaze on the Christopher Martin Industrial Estate.

Due to the badly damaged building firefighters have so far been unable to reach pockets of fire within the premises.
A mechanical digger will therefore shortly begin moving parts of the collapsed structure to allow them to safely extinguish remaining hotspots.

During the initial fire, an amount of molten syrup had begun to leak from the building and spread at the scene. Crews are continuing to work with the Environment Agency and Anglian Water to prevent it reaching the watercourse.

Incident Commander Martyn Hare said: “When we begin to move the collapsed parts of the building around to reach hotspots, there will be further smoke created, so we recommend you keep your doors and windows closed if you live nearby.

“Crews have done a superb job of getting this fire under control, but we’ll be here for some time yet. Working alongside the Environment Agency and Anglian Water, several specialist measures have been put in place to make sure that the watercourse is not affected by the leaked material.

“Thank you to everyone in the local area for your patience and support.”