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Homeowner pulls driver from car moments before it turns into fireball in Sevenoaks Village

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A quick thinking West Kingsdown resident has been prised for their swift action in the early hours of Saturday.


A car crash and ploughed into street lighting and hitting a wall on Hever Avenue at around 5am this morning.


On hearing the crash that has been described at sounding like a bomb going off the local resident dashed from their bed and pulled the driver from the vehicle moments later the vehicle burst into flames.

The driver was treated  by paramedics at the scene and has since  taken to hospital. The driver has made claim that he served to avoid a motorbike that was travelling on the wrong side of the road. 


A number of lamp posts have been damaged by the collision and these are being made safe by UK Power.


Kent Police say they have launched an investigation and  have been approached for further comment.


More to follow