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Loose horse is neigh trouble for caring PC


A police officer’s day is never dull – as two of our PCs found when they were called to investigate a case of ‘foal play’ earlier this week.

We received a call on Wednesday morning about a horse that was trying to stirrup trouble by charging at people walking in a field off Goscote Lane, Bloxwich.

The suspect – described as black, small build, four legs and roughly 12 hands tall – had broken free from its tether and barged one walker to the floor.

Response police stablemates PC Grace Mottram and PC Paul Florey were called to the scene.

It was neigh trouble for Grace – who spent her childhood growing up on a farm in Shropshire – and our Horse Whisperer PC soon gained the scared horse’s trust and walked it back to safety.

Grace said: “The horse was clearly spooked at being alone and free to wander in the field…and was scared of the dogs.

“I’m used to dealing with animals so called it over and quickly had it back under control. The horse had water and food by its tether and is known to be kept there locally.

“It really goes to show you never know from one day to the next what you’ll be faced with as a police officer! I joined just over two years ago and am loving the variety of the role; there’s rarely a dull moment.”