Breaking Essex Kent M25

M25 is closed between J2 Darenth to J1B BlueStar due to a “structural incident” and collision

Kent Police and Highways England have sent officers to the incident and Fir crews from  Kent Fire and Rescue have also been called. Traffic has been stopped in both directions whilst the scene is managed and confirmed if it is safe for motorists to continue the sections of affected roads.


The incident occurred at Junction 2 A2 (Darenth Interchange), near Dartford, A282/M25, on the anticlockwise carriageway in Kent.

The collision involved a car and two vans and all traffic was stopped as emergency services attended the scene.

Traffic has now been stopped on the clockwise carriageway as well as there is debris across the motorway. A bridge has also been struck in the accident and is being inspected for damage.

As a result, there is heavy congestion approaching the Dartford Crossing from Kent into Essex.

More to follow