Breaking Brixton LONDON

Man armed with a knife takes up refuge on roof in Brixton

Armed police officers, Paramedics  and  firefighters from the London Fire Brigade and a helicopter for the national air support of all been called to a street in Brixton after man spotted with a knife this evening.

A large section of Brixton Road Stockwell walk and surrounding roads have been cordoned off by officers following a man taking refuge on top of a roof.

Local bus services have been diverted following the restrictions and the incident is currently ongoing.


and on the offices were called around about 630 on the Sunday evening and a cold and was put in place after the man took up refuge on 384 Brixton Road.

Shopowners in the facility I’ve been advised by officers to stay in doors unlocked shop doors.

One shop Owner said she Thought she was part of a movie there was lots of police and a helicopter is  nearby she said it’s right near our shop is right outside and women told by the police I have no circumstances should we go outside.

The Met police have been approached for comment