Breaking Kent Maidstone

Numerous arrests after armed raid by Kent Police in Madistone


A number of people  have been detained and one taken to hospital follow an armed raid by Kent Police in the early  hours of Sunday morning.


Armed officers from Kent Police descend on  the  sleepy  doomsday village of Otham on the outskirts of Maidstone in Kent in the early hours  Twelve people have been arrested and taken to Police stations across Kent  after it’s understood  a Firearm  and a large amount  of cash was found.

 Armed officers carried out a  full search of the Public house and properties attached to the premises. A number of Men where led away in handcuff. Two people were pulled from a White Mercedes that remains with it’s doors  open.  A cordon has been thrown up around the White Horse Pub and officers remain on scene guard.

 Officers in full body armour with fully loaded G36 Carbine carrying  ballistic shield could be heard shouting:” Armed Police get on the floor and out out with your hands up.  The armed operation went on for approx 2 hours.  One man was taken away by ambulance by  paramedics wearing ballistic vests and facemasks from South East Coast ambulance service. 


A HART team  who are a group of paramedics who are trained to go into the ‘hot zone’ of incidents also supported officers during the the operation.



Kent Police have yet to issue comment