Breaking Hampshire Totton

Officers arrived to the estate to find in excess of hundred people gathered with their vehicles

A particular vehicle was driving dangerously, doing doughnuts in the vicinity and near the bystanders.
To the driver of that car: Do you not see the risk that this could pose to the bystanders? How would you feel if you seriously hurt someone?
This is not fun. This is dangerous. Someone will get hurt.
Not only was there a vehicle nuisance, but the large group that were congregated in the estate did also prevent our officers from driving forward and were acting in an anti-social manner towards them. They also put a sticker on the back of the Police Van. What they do not realise is this is criminal damage and we are currently looking into the CCTV of the incident.
Luckily, the two officers managed to move on all of the vehicles and prevented any further vehicles from entering the industrial estate.
We understand that the nuisance not only affects the local community noise-wise, but it also affects the businesses in the estate.
The Totton neighbourhoods team are aware and will be looking into this further.