Breaking Lambeth LONDON

Officers found a loaded sub-machine gun and a revolver after searching an abandoned car in Lambeth

An Operation Viper team, along with a Neighbourhood Tasking Team, attended Sackville Estate in Lambeth yesterday, Thursday, 7 October to conduct searches and patrols in the areal, where a number of vehicles were identified as having been abandoned.

They forced entry into one vehicle where they recovered a loaded Skorpion sub-machine gun containing half a magazine of live ammunition, which was concealed beneath the rear passenger seat of the vehicle.

Officers also recovered a pistol-style revolver found to contain three rounds of ammunition, along with a single live round jammed inside the chamber, which was concealed within the rear pocket of the driver’s seat.

Both weapons were taken to the lab after initial examination suggested both were viable firearms.

During the search of another vehicle, officers recovered a number of live shotgun cartridges found hidden in a sock inside in the vehicle.

Detective Inspector Richard Mullan from the Viper team, said “ The Viper teams work alongside the BCU and Specialist Crime teams to make it harder for criminals to engage in gun crime. This seizure is another great example of our dedication to remove guns from the streets and reduce violence.”