Breaking LONDON Oxford Street Westminster

Officers have been working in central London policing various protests by Extinction Rebellion and other groups

At around 11.00am today a group gathered outside the Brazilian Embassy and another group gathered at Piccadilly.

The group from Piccadilly then split, with a proportion of them moving to Oxford Circus at around 2pm

Just before 14:00hrs a van drove into the central junction of Oxford Circus and stopped. A number of people got out and unloaded a structure that they quickly began to assemble.

Officers were on scene within a matter of minutes and intervened before the structure was completed. A number of people then glued themselves to the road around the structure.

This structure and assembly was causing serious disruption to the area, especially to moving traffic.

Officers encouraged people to leave but as the assembly did not disperse conditions were imposed at 15.47hrs under s14 of the Public Order Act.

Officers subsequently began arresting those who refused to comply, and specially trained officers are safely removing those locked on or glued in situ.

This is a complex operation, where the safety of the public and those protesting is actively taken into consideration.