Breaking Clapham Junction LONDON

On this day in 1988 hundreds of people were injured and 35 lost their lives in a horrific train crash just south of Clapham Junction station

The tragic event happened during the morning rush hour when three commuter trains, carrying approximately 1300 passengers, collided due to a wiring issue with the signals.

A crowded commuter train hit the rear of another train, which was standing stationary, and the impact on the stationary carriages shunted it to the right, where it struck a third oncoming train.

Fifteen fire engines attended the scene of the incident along with specialist rescue equipment and teams. Due to the size and weight of the trains, cranes were used as part of the rescue operation. The wreckage was so entangled that at first it wasn’t clear how many trains were involved.

Our thoughts remain with those who lost their lives or were injured, their loved ones, and all the emergency workers involved in such a distressing incident.