Blyth Breaking Northrumbria

Police are looking to identify this woman after a pensioner was left distressed after her pull along trolley, complete with purse, cash and cards, was stolen while she shopped for essentials

CCTV footage captured the moment the 85-year-old was targeted inside Blyth Morrions at around 2.30pm on March 27.
The pensioner can be seen leaning down to reach for some fruit and, while her back is turned, a woman walks by and grabs hold of the trolley.
The woman is described as in her 50s/60s with greying brown cropped hair.
She was wearing a khaki jacket, grey joggers and was pushing a pram with a toddler when she entered the shop but exited the shop alone.
It is believed she was also in the company of two much younger females, who entered the shop shortly after her.
The distraught pensioner was comforted by supermarket staff who rang police and provided store CCTV.
The trolley bag was later discovered outside by Morrisons staff but had been stripped of all valuables.
Later that day, the stolen cards were used by a different much younger female at the Premier store off Waterloo Road, Blyth.
She was able to buy scratch cards and cigarettes but when she tried to buy more, the card was declined.
A spokesperson for Northumbria Police said:
“To steal from anyone is unacceptable but to prey on an elderly woman while her back is turned is absolutely disgusting.
“With so little opportunity for outside contact, a trip to the shops is as normal as it gets for most people and this thief has not only robbed a vulnerable pensioner of her belongings but of her independence and sense of safety.
“During the past week we have ran extensive checks in an effort to ID this woman but have so far been unable to identify her.
“We are now appealing to the public to come forward if they feel they are able to assist and help crack this case”
Anyone with any information is asked to contact officers on 101 or online using the ‘Tell Us Something’ feature on the Northumbria Police website quoting log 670 270321.