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Sarah Everard was falsely arrested and handcuffed by killer

Former Met police officer Wayne Couzens is currently facing sentencing at the Old Bailey after being charged with the rape and death of 33-year-old Sarah Everard on 3 March 2021.

The court heard that Couzens had worked on Covid patrols in January and would have known how to approach Sarah regarding Covid breaches.

He then used his warrant card to falsely arrest Sarah before putting her in handcuffs and putting her into the back of his car before her brutal and heartbreaking murder.

He is now due to be sentenced on Thursday. Prosecutors have described the killer in five words “deception, kidnap, rape, strangulation, fire” after being arrested and charged back in July.

Sarah’s death sparked outrage across the country, seeing women coming together to protest against the violence aginst women, trending the hashtag “she was only walking home.”