Breaking Longstone Missing

Seahouses Lifeboats were called to search for the missing diver last seen just north of Longstone Island

Seahouses Lifeboat crew were paged at 11:39am on Sunday 17th October 2021 to immediately launch both lifeboats.
UK Coastguard had received a Mayday distress call from a dive boat, just north of the Longstone, reporting a missing diver.
Both of the Seahouses lifeboats launched and joined other vessels in the area, to carry out an extensive and detailed search with Seahouses All Weather Lifeboat acting as “On Scene Commander”. Coastguard Rescue Helicopter 199 from Prestwick was also tasked, with the Maritime Coastguard Rescue Coordination Centre at Bridlington, coordinating the rescue resources. Local coastguard officers and the police were also in attendance at Seahouses Harbour
After an extensive search, the Prestwick Rescue Helicopter 199 went to refuel at a local airfield.
The Rescue Helicopter 912 from Hull joined the search. Local charter boats and dive boats had also joined to assist the search. The search is continuing this evening with Amble, Berwick and Craster Lifeboats in attendance.
Further information may be released when available.
The RNLI have no knowledge of the diver’s identity at this time