Breaking Camden LONDON

Teenage girl gunned down in sick drive by shooting in Camden NW1

A woman has been rushed to hospital after she was hit by bullets from a drive-by shooting in  Camden late on Saturday evening. 

Armed Police and Paramedics were all scrambled to the Clarence Garden in NW1 at around 10pm on Saturday 14th August 2021.  A large crime scene has been put in after the random attack.


It has also been reported that a man has been stabbed in the same area whilst a block party was taking place.

A police helicopter was  flown over the area in an attempt to try and locate the offenders and the vehicle that made off from the scene 

Witnesses have claimed that a speeding car drove past and opened fire from an automatic weapon fiving five shots.  One of these hit the girl who is understood to be in her teens,  A bystander who went to the aid of the young woman said there were around 5 loud bangs then a car whizzed around the corner. I watch the girl fall and cry out in pain and then ran over to help her. I just keep telling her that she was going o be alright I waited with her until the police turned up.


Police have put in a cordon at Clarence Gardens


The Met Police have been approached for comment