Breaking Hertfordshire Ickleford

Two men have been sentenced after electricians found drugs and a gun whilst changing an electricity meter in a house in #Ickleford in North Herts

On 3 November 2020, whilst working in a property in Icknield Close, the electricians disturbed a bag causing the contents to fall out. Inside the bag was an adapted firearm and a large quantity of cocaine. The workmen called the police and officers immediately attended and seized the bag and its contents.
The officers then waited at the address for the homeowner to return and Timothy Smith, aged 50, was arrested a short time later. Following his arrest, officers carried out a further search of the property and another firearm and a canister of CS gas were also found.
Smith was subsequently charged with several offences relating to firearms and drugs.
The weapons and drugs were then sent away for forensic analysis and Jack Kirkham, aged 21, and from Station Road in Arlesey, was forensically linked to the drugs after his fingerprint was found on the drug’s packaging and his DNA was later located on the trigger of one of the firearms. Kirkham was arrested and was also charged with possessing a firearm and a drug supply offence.
On Monday 22 November 2021, after a week-long trial at St Albans Court, Timothy Smith was found guilty of the following offences:
•Possession with intent to supply a controlled drug of Class A (Cocaine)
•Two counts of possession of a firearm (prohibited weapon)
•Possession of a weapon for the discharge of a noxious liquid (CS Gas Cannister)
Jack Kirkham was found guilty of the following offences:
•Possession with intent to supply a controlled drug -Class A (Cocaine)
•Possession of a firearm (prohibited weapon)
On Wednesday 24 November 2021 Timothy Smith was sentenced to 11 years and 3 months in custody and Jack Kirkham was sentenced to 8 years 6 months.
Detective Inspector Michael Ball, from the North Herts Local Crime Unit, said: “We are extremely pleased that the weapons and large amount of class A drugs have been removed from the streets. The dangerous weapons, that will now be destroyed, are now out of the hands of criminals.
“The sentences passed will hopefully remind people of the seriousness of these types of offences and act as a deterrent to those who deal drugs in our county. We will continue to work to make Hertfordshire a safer place for the public, but a hostile place for criminals.”
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