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UPDATED: Student Accommodation evacuated after suspicious device is found in at UNITE Stratford

Screenshot 2021 01 10 at 16.15.11
Screenshot 2021 01 10 at 16.15.11

Emergency services have been called following the discovery of a suspect device in Stratford.

Students have been evacuated from the accommodation block on Westfield Avenue after components of a ‘suspicious device’ were discovered in a room by staff at the Unite.

Bomb disposal experts, Police, London Ambulance Service and Police have all been just before 3pm on Sunday afternoon.

A large cordon has been put in place whilst the suspect device is examined by specialists

Police are in attendance in International Way #Newham #E20 after a suspicious item was found in a residential building at around 2.36pm.
Specialist officers are working to examine the item. Residents have been evacuated as a precaution and road closures are in place. Motorists are advised to avoid the area while emergency services manage the incident.