Breaking COVID19 LONDON Southall

The owner of an event venue in west London has been reported for consideration of a £10,000 fixed penalty notice, after they allowed a wedding reception to go ahead that attracted more than 100 people

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Officers from the Met Police were called to the Tudor Rose in Southall shortly after 6.30pm on Tuesday, 13 October.


After arriving on scene, it was clear to officers that a high number of people had crowded into the venue to celebrate a wedding. This was in clear breach of the regulations, which have been put in place by the Government to protect people from Coronavirus.

As officers walked through the venue, they saw no clear evidence that guests were maintaining social distancing, nor were guests taking any reasonable steps to protect others and prevent transmitting the virus.

Under current regulations, weddings are permitted, however, guest numbers are limited to 15 persons. Likewise, the venue must adhere to strict COVID Secure guidelines in order to keep people safe. In clear breach of these regulations, officers dispersed a large number of the guests to ensure numbers complied with the law.

After considering the risk, senior officers decided to report the owner of the venue for consideration of a £10,000 fixed penalty notice.

Area Commander, Chief Superintendent Peter Gardner, said: “This was a dangerous and foolish breach of the regulations, which have been designed specifically to keep people safe from transmitting a deadly virus. Restrictions on large gatherings, such as weddings, have been in place for months and quite frankly there can be no excuse for this flagrant and arrogant violation of the law.

“There was clearly no attempt by the venue owner to enforce the regulations or keep their patrons safe – it is for this reason we have reported them for a £10,000 fine.

“Everyone has a responsibility to keep themselves, and their families, safe from Coronavirus. As cases of Coronavirus rise across London, officers throughout the Met will be redoubling our efforts to clamp down on those individuals and businesses who breach the regulations and put themselves, and others at risk.”