Lancashire News in Brief Penwortham

Three males have been arrested in the Penwortham Area on suspicion of possession of class B drugs with intent to supply

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iStock 157186464 1200 800 90 c1 c c

The males were driving through Penwortham just after 9pm on Sunday  in a vehicle with a headlight out when they were stopped.

There was a strong smell of cannabis coming from the car and when the driver got out to check the headlights there was a cannabis joint on the seat.

Police used powers under section 23 misuse of drugs act to search the males and the vehicle.

Upon finding a quantity of cannabis, cash, paint gun, balaclava, smoke grenade, knives and other prohibited articles all three were arrested and taken to custody. The vehicle was also seized.

The three males have been interviewed after being in custody all day.

Searches have also been carried out at their home addresses. Forensic and digital enquiries are still ongoing.